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Caroline Vreeland, impertinent boho

The grand grand-daughter from the fashion imperator Diana Vreeland exposes herself without sham and imposes her sharp look. Style philosopher, nonconformist, singer in full emulation: 28 years old and already cult.

It is an explosive mix of impudence and sex-appeal: at 28 years old she’s like no other. Essence of attitude, icon that cultivates the splits: in a nutshell, the incarnation of our time. An aura and an exceptional physical appearance, a presence that you can’t forget and in which you can read the DNA of her grand-grand-mother, Diana Vreeland, the eccentric and legendary editor in chief of the Harper’s Bazaar and the U.S Vogue. Same sharp features, same style – unique, undefinable -, same impertinent charisma: the only inheritance that she claims. For the rest, Caroline is infinitely free, like these adventurers that follow their instinct. Model, singer (she cultivates a beautiful voice on electro a minimal beats) trendsetter throughout a life that she loves sharing on her Instagram account. Dynamite the norm. Her approach has some quest of the holy Grail allures: fashion gold digger,Darwin of the trend that she splendidly reveals. Meeting with an all in shadow and glitter girl, for an unique shooting. Zadig instant, of course.

What do you prefer in fashion?
Play with clothes.

Your definition of style?
Style is first to be confident and to know your body well.

What yours is made of?
It is versatile, “boyish” or ultra sexy. But I always wear a little leather.

As a fashion icon, who’s your absolute model?
My grand-grand-mother Diana, of course.

What kind of inspiration was she?
She influenced me with her style, but also with her convictions. Nobody could dictate anything to her. She appropriated her freedom at a time where it was something really rare.

The cloth or accessory that looks more like you?
A python pair of boots.

The best piece of advice that you received as far as style is concerned?
My grand-grand-mother always said “better be vulgar than boring”.

The one that you would give?
Be natural.

The expression that suits you best?
“Free spirit”. I am a free spirit.

How did you arrive to music?
As far as I remember, I’ve always been singing.

You appear totally naked in the video of your song “Wasteland”. Challenge or conviction?
I am laying myself bare with this song, so it also was obvious for the video clip.

Can we wish for a first album soon?

What relation do you have with your friends?
I love them for a lifetime. They are an integrant part of who I am, they are my family.

You recently posted a picture of you and Quentin Tarantino on your Instagram account: friend or mentor?

What is the craziest thing that you did for your friends?
LOL, I can’t tell you!

Friendship in three words?
Respect, trust, fun.

Can a friendship be sexy?
I am pretty sure about that.

Photos: Alexandre Tabaste

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