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Love the icon

Inspiration, build & character: the new Zadig & Voltaire bag becomes the brand’s new must-have.

Zadig revisits an urban myth: until now, the tote bag was the embodiment of wisdom in town. Reinvented by the brand, he unleashes himself and changes into second and heads to the wrists of the girls who rush with their foot down. As she was interviewed about this new iconic model, the designer Cecilia Bönström evokes a « really “easy luxury” bag, the culmination of a few years of work to bring alive a modern accessory, inspired by the Parisian “chic”». Both rock and timeless, only his name is candid. Small, medium or XL, black leather or suede, he is the perfect partner for a whole day rush, including during trips. Self-confident, he fits onto any situation from dawn till dusk. Smooth and sublime leatherwear made in Italy, very Zadig topstitching: he does not deny his feminine side either, as shown by the sense of detail and the offset padlock – literally and figuratively. Never conventional, this classic-to-be can be passed down from generation to generation. The working ladies, who surely will know how to appreciate his numerous pockets, will entrust him with their hectic, secret or sensitive lifestyle without risking to see him run away. «Trustworthy» is the word, « sexitude » on top… This hefty shoulder on which we now dare to lean on reshuffles the cards of the urban nomadism: Candide makes it an odyssey in which all hopes are permitted.

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