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Roasted orange goose with its potatoes from The Woks of Life

Zadig & Voltaire is always right: every month, the brands is offering you its recipe in collaboration with a culinary blogger.

“We are family!” Behind The Woks of Life, a hard shell of four members who are practicing culinary experimentation in clan mode. Spread around the world, between China and United States, Bill, Judy (the parents) and their daughters Sarah and Kaitlin found this blog as a meeting place, where tasty recipes born from their approach of ‘global cooking’ mix with family traditions… The whole thing keeps a democratic logic: “we address to students who barely know how to cook an egg as well as the mother who dreams of spicing up her meals” they explain. ‘Cooking obsessed’ as they call themselves, these fantastic four of sliced and sauté confessed their attraction for revisited Asian food, improvisation and exclusive or forgotten savors – their chive tempuras or their peach and mango frozen margarita as witnesses. Generous alternative to the traditional Christmas turkey, their five spices and orange roasted goose creates a link between East and West. A transcendental food that instigates both spirit and taste buds.


For 8 people

One 4,5 kilos goose
2 oranges 
1.5 coffee spoon salt
 ¼ coffee spoon pepper
2 coffee spoons sugar salt 
2 coffee spoons 5 spices mixture
 1 soup spoon Shaoxing wine or dry xérès
 1 soup spoon soy sauce
  5 sliced cloves of garlic
 3 slices of ginger
 2 green onions thinly sliced
 1.5 kilo potatoes
Aromatic herbs (thyme, rosemary, sage…) for the potatoes.

Be careful: The goose must be at ambient temperature before going in the oven. Never use a frozen goose. Incompatible with this dish.


Prepare your goose to be roasted by chopping the neck off and the take the giblets off. With the help of a sharp knife, take the grease inside the goose of. Wash it on the outside and on the inside. Let it dry.

If the goose is threaded, untie it and push the legs and wings aside. Put it in a plate covered with aluminum. The plate must be large and deep enough as the goose will give a lot of juice while cooked.

Rap the oranges; mix their zest with the salt, pepper, sugar, 5 spices, Shaoxing wine and the soy sauce.

Seasoned the inside of the goose with salt; rub it generously with the garlic. Fill it with the ginger, the green onions and the peeled oranges cut into quarters.

Generously paint the outside of the goose with the orange zest and the 5 spices. Let it rest for 30 minutes (if you want more taste let it rest the entire night). Pre-heat your oven at 230°.

Let it cook for 10 minutes. Turn the oven down at 190° and let it cook for 10 to 12 minutes per pound (that is to say, one hour and forty five minutes to two hours for a 4.5 kilo goose. If it is bigger adapt the time). Adjust the cook of the goose to your taste, but be careful not to dry it. If needed, use a meat thermometer and put it in the goose’s leg: when it says 75°, the goose is ready.

In a different plate, put the juice and the potatoes; add salt and pepper and the herbs. Put the plate in the oven at the same time than the 30 last minutes of the goose’s cook and let it roast.

When the goose is ready, take it out of the oven and cover it with aluminum. Mix the potatoes and turn the oven to 200° to brown them for 20 minutes.

Let the goose cool down for 20 minutes.

Serve and eat!

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