After its collaborations with Jormi, Galerie Perrotin and Natacha Paschal, the House has given carte blanche to five artists to reinterpret five of its classics. Reflecting the passion of Thierry Gillier, the founder of ZADIG&VOLTAIRE for the arts, the silhouettes are poetic and picturesque. ART CAPSULE is much more than a drop, it is the epitome of the House's DNA and its support for the global art scene.

Green Markus Sweater

Dan Funderburgh and the Markus

Born in Seattle and based in Brooklyn, the American artist has reappropriated the Markus with his passion for graphic art and protest posters from the 1970s. The sweater becomes a banner, the ideal canvas for a rebellious mood. Taking on the very spirit of ZADIG&VOLTAIRE, the American artist brings his love of anachronism, mixing references to the Renaissance and the Baroque with pop graphics from the 80s. A tribute to the ornamental styles imagined over time, Dan Funderburgh is the guardian of the visual arts.

"I imagine decorative artworks. So, collaboration is essential for me as it allows me to materialize an idea or a work into something real. ZADIG&VOLTAIRE has a knowledge of the material and a high quality of production that has boosted the potential of my work to its maximum." - Dan Funderburgh

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Leo Dorfner and the Tunisian

The encounter between the French artist and ZADIG&VOLTAIRE seemed inevitable. Beyond their common love for Paris, their native city, they reunite around their shared love to mix the codes of contemporaneity. Since his debut in 2007, Leo Dorfner has immediately found a unique pictorial language by putting his talent for classic watercolor at the service of a contemporary, almost provocative iconography. For this collaboration, their two worlds meet around a message that is faithful to the DNA of the House, with references to music, rock and freedom. Like an invitation to let go, "Let's Dance" is printed on the Tunisian to elevate the basic to the rank of icon.

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Let's Dance Henley T-Shirt
Rock Bag ZV Art Capsule

Guan Chun and the Rock

Guan Chun's work for ZADIG&VOLTAIRE is inspired by the Chinese myth of the Seven Sages of the Bamboo Forest, which has always fascinated her. She reinterprets it today for her first collaboration with the house by illustrating the iconic Rock clutch with a mischievous drawing called "The Strange Cat Family". In a fairytale setting embellished with pop colors, Guan Chun imagines a scene of hedonism, embodied by felines, the artist's totem since the beginning, a reference to the year 2022 of the Chinese lunar calendar.

"This painting is about the freedom and joy brought by the union between humanity and nature." - Guan Chun

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Cedric Ingram and the High Flash

In 2021, Cedric Ingram and ZADIG&VOLTAIRE collaborated for the first time on a live customization in Houston, during the Black Art in America event. A year later, he once again celebrates his love for the House by reinterpreting one of its classics: the High Flash sneaker. Through his creative prism, the African-American artist sees the shoe as a collector's item printed with a pastel sunset.

"I loved the way the brand gives artists like me a platform to express our stories and continues after 25 years to celebrate art." - Cedric Ingram

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Tackl Embroidery Shirt

Core Cho and the Tackl

For this South Korean illustrator based between Seoul and Berlin, all his work can be summed up in one word: Freedom. Inspired by the fullness that is attached to it, Core Cho has obviously chosen this theme to illustrate the Tackl shirt by ZADIG&VOLTAIRE. Coincidentally or evidently, the totem wings of the label are the perfect incarnation of freedom. They are printed on the back of the shirt next to the peace sign, a skateboard, roses and daisies. With this piece, he combines his influences and obsession for underground cultures and gives the shirt a whole new attitude.

"For me ZADIG&VOLTAIRE is like Paris: love, freedom and equality. Their identity and the new collections they unveil every season are a great source of inspiration." - Core Cho

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