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Who they are:

L.A. Dance Project is a live-art experience meant to inspire, create, educate, and change perspectives through the accessible and transformative power of dance.

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How we're helping:

We previously launched a limited-edition collaboration to raise awareness of their work, while our partnership enabled LADP to co-sponsor their own Drive-In Dances series.

"As a non-profit significantly affected by the pandemic, we will always be grateful to ZADIG&VOLTAIRE for stepping up to support the arts community. The brand’s authentically altruistic approach inspired hope when we needed it most."

Cassandra Kraus,

Director Of Development




Who they are:

QUEER|ART is a non-profit arts organization that furthers the creative and professional development of a diverse, vibrant LGBTQ+ artist community across generations and disciplines.

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How we're helping:

Our support helps QUEER|ART provide their emerging artists with public presentations that offer the broadest possible reach, as well as support professional development workshops on various topics ranging from financial wellness to social media training.


"All of us at Queer|Art have been very impressed by the transformative commitments made by Zadig&Voltaire through Art Is Hope over the last two years, and we are deeply grateful to be in partnership with Z&V for Pride 2022. As an artist-led organization working to connect and empower an intergenerational community of LGBTQ+ artists, Zadig&Voltaire's significant support helps us to imagine new horizons in creating a vibrant future for queer and trans artists across the US. We look forward to building further upon the foundation of what is already a beautiful and nurturing partnership."

Travis Chamberlain,

Executive Director Queer Art



Who they are:

Photographer Yelena Yemchuk was born in Kyiv, Ukraine and immigrated to the United States with her parents at age eleven. Set to release this spring, her fourth and newest book ODESSA illustrates the port city of southern Ukraine.

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How we're helping:

On March 26, 2022 we donated 100% of worldwide sales to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. By teaming up with Yelena, we amplified our efforts and generated more widespread support.

Yelena- Artist Image
Odessa Photograph
Image from Yelena Yemchuk's new photography book, Odessa


Art has been a constant source of hope and light during humanities darkest moments. How has art helped you through this time?

I feel like my journey as an artist is to tell stories whether they are real or fantastical they tell a story of a place, a story of a person. These stories can give you hope, or make one see something different or make one dream. For me I hope it makes one have more empathy. In dark days like these, when there is War and so much pain, it's very hard to think about beauty when there is so much destruction and death happening in front of your eyes. But Art is healing for me, it’s the main way for me to communicate to express my sorrow or my hope. Art is so essential for us humans it opens our souls. These hard days hearing a piece of great music that reminds you of a beautiful moment from the past or reading a poem that inspires love, makes me feel hopeful. That goodness will prevail, and peaceful vision is ahead of us. And that I will be back in my homeland soon and we will all come together and rebuild our beautiful country of the Ukraine.


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Who they are:

Through Amplify Sleep Away Camp and youth-run Syryn Records, Girls Rock Santa Barbara empowers girls, women, and gender-expansive humans through music education, the creative arts, community, and positive mentorship.

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How we're helping:

Our support helps Girls Rock SB continue to develop fully subsidized programs that bring creative dreams to life through inclusivity and diversity.

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Who they are:

Black Art In America is a digital, multifaceted arts company based in Columbus, Georgia focused on documenting, preserving, and promoting African-American art.

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How we're helping:

Our support will advance the cause of African-American art by enabling Black Art In America to expand its reach to an untapped print audience with the introduction of our Black Art In America magazine.

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"The relationship has raised funds for numerous arts vehicles during a global crisis while simultaneously providing a visible platform for emerging artists and organizations. Resources will also assist as we add full-time staff to our team."

Najee Dorsey,




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Who they are:

The National Alliance on Mental Illness is the nation’s largest grassroots mental health organization providing advocacy, education, support, and public awareness so that all affected by mental illness can build better lives.

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How we're helping:

With our contributions, NAMI-NYC has expanded their programs to especially serve disadvantaged communities, as well as onboard additional volunteer teachers, facilitators, and presenters.

"We are growing the number of people we serve, especially focusing on reaching underserved communities. We will introduce new programs and services that will adapt to changing needs for New Yorkers with mental illness over the next few years."

Sarah Sheahan,

Director Of Events & Operations